Gratitude Week 5

November 29, 2020
We are wrapping up our month long journey on having gratitude and saying THANK YOU! Our younger kids checked out the verses in Psalms 149:1-5 that reminds us that we can always praise God for the things He is doing in our lives. There is always good. Our elementary kids checked out the story of the Lord’s Supper and the Last Supper (1 Corinthians 11:23-26).

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What's Allowed?

November 24, 2020
What’s the first thing you do when you walk in the door of your house? At my house, I will most likely kick off my shoes and step into the kitchen to wash my hands. I can’t say that this was always a habit, but living in the midst of a pandemic has changed me in a few ways. Most of you are probably like me and your home is your safe place and in your safe place only certain things are allowed to take up residence. I recently experienced an unwanted visitor in my safe place...

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Gratitude Week 4

November 22, 2020
Happy Thanksgiving Week from hopetown! We have been learning all of the incredible ways to say “Thank You” and having an attitude of gratitude. In hopetown this week, we learned about the story of the Workers in the Vineyard which can be found in Matthew 20:1-15. Sometimes we need reminders to adjust our attitude so we can continue to be grateful. It happens right? Things didn’t go the way you thought it would so we get grumpy. Check this story out as family so you can be in the right mindset to celebrate Thanksgiving.

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Gratitude Week 3

November 15, 2020
We are excited to dive into week three in hopetown! We learned about a few awesome stories from God’s Word, the Bible! Your child looked at ways to say thank you! We find Jesus healing ten men and only one saying “thank you” in Luke 17:11-19. We also looked at the story of Aaron helping Moses in Exodus 17:8-13!

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Gratitude Week 2

November 08, 2020
Hey families! We are in week two of the idea of Gratitude. This week check out the discussions on how to celebrate what God has done, is doing and will do in the life of your family! God gives us things to celebrate EVERY day! Check out the story in 2 Samuel 6:12b-22 and then check out 1 Kings 17:7-16.

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